Freightliner Radiator - Fits: FL50 to FL90 SnowPlow, Thomas School Bus & other models

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Superior Part No: SC-239085


Freightliner Radiator - Fits:
FL50 to FL90 SnowPlow, Thomas School Bus
w/ Freightliner Chasis & other models
Years: 1997 to 2004

OE Style Radiator with Plastic Tanks / Aluminum Core
With Cooler on 18" Centers
WITHOUT Frame, must re-use original brackets

CORE HEIGHT: 28 5/8"
DEPTH: 1 7/8"
INLET: 2" - Upper Left - 5" In
OUTLET: 2" - Lower Right- 7 1/4" In
OIL COOLER: 18" CTRS with #12 SAE Fittings

2-Year Limited Warranty*
Superior Radiators - Truck Tough Radiator

For all-metal radiator with copper core / brass tanks radiator, use part no: SC-239306
See alternate photo above for included components.

OEM Part Numbers:
EX03AH00319SP, 1AH0010S, 1AH00110S, 2AH00086, 2AH00089, 2AH00110, 310031T, 3AH00319SP, A0516058004, A0516909000, BHT1SA00279, BHT2AH00110, BHT2HA001100, EXO3AH00319SP, 16909000, BHTA4570, BHTB7593, EXO3AH00249SP, 3AH00249SP, B7593, A4570, A0516909001, A0516910000, BHT1SA00286, 1SA00286, 1SA00283, BHT1SA00283, A0516059012, 3AH00319SP, BHT2AA00109, 2AA00109, BHT1SA00278, 1SA00278, BHT62003, 62003, BHTB0175, B0175, BHT1SA00287, 1SA00287, 1SA00282, BHT1SA00282, BHTB0183, B0183, BHT62013, 62013, BHT79094, 79094, 20011714, 437194, SRK7194, FR1309B001B3, FR1309B002B3, BT7194, BHT2AH00086, BHTB0184, B0184, A0516910012, BHT79079, 79079, 8000-10ST, 437194S

Other Reference Part Numbers:
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